In this project we, GetInvolved, a team of 5 TU Delft students, developed a hydro-powered irrigation pump for Nepali high-land farmers, suffering from increased drought and limited or no access to electricity or fuels. The company aQysta has developed a patented hydro-powered pump, but this product was too expensive and did not fit the needs of the Nepali farmers. This project was divided in three phases, summarised below:

Phase I

Field Research and literature

The team GetInvolved consisted of Eva Van Genuchten, Marloes Aben, Renate Hulst, Bart Lukkes and me. 3 members of our team traveled to Nepal for context research to map the daily life, habits and needs of the Nepali farmers. Meanwhile in the Netherlands the remaining team member and I analysed the pump and its possibilities from a technical perspective.

Mapping the daily routine of Nepali farmers

Phase II

Concept development and on-site validation

Based on the results of Phase I several concepts were developed; thes concept differed on technically, but also on business model and municipal impact. To get the user’s input on our concepts, Renate and I traveled to Nepal with our model-building gear, where we built a scale model of a Nepali hill with farms, so we could communicate our concepts to the farmers without being held back by the language border. The video and photos below give an impression of this phase.

Phase III

After defining the final concept in congruence with the farmers, we further detailed the design, business model, introduction plan and marketing. In thsi phase my role was the embodiment design if the pump, which had to manufacturable in Nepal, perferable using local available materials. We build a prototype of the design and tested this in water. This prototype is currently in Nepal, where it will be tested actual context.

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